The flavor text hints at different font names, with the final instruction referencing wingdings. In the block below, the coherent writing matches wingdings text letter by letter. For example, “RAIN” corresponded to a raindrop, wingdings for S, and “LEFTIST APPROVINGS” translated to a finger pointing left and a thumbs up, wingdings for EC. Fully translated, the wingdings spell “START ABOVE XS FOLLOW DIRECTIONS & LOOK ABOVE ENDPO-INTS.”

Hunters needed to find all of the instances of the letter X and look to the letter above it. These letters were all E, F or G, which in wingdings are hands pointing left, right or up respectively. The next letter in the direction indicated was another direction in wingdings. These paths could all be followed hitting only E, F, G, and H, hands pointing in the four directions, until reaching an I, translating in wingdings to a hand making a stop gesture. The paths and a detailed example are shown below.

As in the instructions, taking the letter above the I at each path’s end gave the answer “FLAMMABLE”.